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LG G5 was introduced a month ago during the MWC 2016 event in Barcelona. As of now, the phone has to be officially released yet.

With this new device, the Korean tech giant came in with a device that tries to be as modular as possible, which gives it a unique being when compared to previous LG flagships. The device comes covered in an all-metal unit with a bottom that is removable, allowing the owner to access a variety of modules that include audio and camera, among others.

LG also shifted a bit from its usual design of adding physical buttons on the rear, this time placing the volume rocker keys on the side of the phone. When this phone is released, it will come with quite a lot to offer. Under the hood, the LG G5 packs the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset that also includes an Adreno 530 GPU. In addition, users will enjoy a massive RAM of 4GB in addition to 32GB of expandable storage.

As far as the software is concerned, the device will come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. LG has also added a new Marshmallow-inspired LG UX 5.0, which is basically the latest version of the LG Android-based user interface that usually runs on top of LG devices. As expected, this new version comes with new features and improvements that provide a superior experience and great usability.

LG Friends Manager and other updates LG UX 5.0 brings

When LG G5 was unveiled, the company mentioned that the device will come with a variety of accessories that it called LG Friends. In the new LG UX 5.0, there is a feature known as LG Friends Manager. According to the company, this is the most important feature of the new Marshmallow-based UI because it will let users connect and control the LG Friends in a hassle-free manner. What the manager does is detect any nearby Friend and pair with your phone by signaling the phone to check out the specific app via the Google Play Store. The good part is that this whole process is automated.

LG G5 came in with a dual-camera system where the rear has two lens – one with 16MP and another with 8MP. The former has a view of up to 78 degrees while the latter can manage up to 135 degrees. With the new LG UX 5.0, you will be able to find nifty controls for switching between these two cameras.

Other features LG has added to the new LG UX 5.0 interface is a New Home feature, improvements on the LG Health app as well as the making the Always-On display part of the UX.