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If you are a proud owner and lover of the latest Apple TV 4 that runs on the latest tvOS with completely exceptional design elements, and wish to acquire the same unique tvOS like alerts, notifications, appearance and interface on your iPhone and iPad then here’s a tweak for you designed just to meet your requirements!

It’s a new jailbreak called ‘Palert tweak’ and is available for download at a price of $0.99 via Cydia. This particular jailbreak will actually modify the operating system in a number of ways depending on its configuration.

This cool tweak allows users and owners of jailbroken iPhone and iPads to get a clean and clatter free tvOS interface on their devices’ screens. Once the tweak is installed, users can easily access the options from Settings and Palert preference panel. You simply have to launch Cydia and search for Palert. That’s it.

The most important feature of the tweak is that it will modify the iOS alert dialogues and make them look more like the latest design of the tvOS powered Apple TV. This eventually means a much clearer, cleaner, and overall a more flat visual which will attract Apple TV lovers. Although the options for configuration for how the tweak will modify alerts and notifications are not so many, they do make a difference in how the notifs and alerts will appear on the screen.

This awesome tweak has actually restored the notification alerts in iOS with tvOS style by attempting to copy the different features in the tvOS. The tweak has copied tvOS elements such as text alerts, text fields and blurred background and buttons. The alerts have been modified in a number of places like App Store alerts, mobile data warnings, airdrop alerts, battery low notification and many other areas.

After you install Palert tweak on your jailbroken iDevice, a new configuration panel will be added in the Settings app through which you will be able to easily enable or disable the tweak, modify the blur radius and amount, activate alternative style for buttons (default buttons are colored white) and decide whether or not you would like to add wallpaper in the background (underlay). Also, you can choose a particular background color for the blur style and adjust alert size which is useful for devices having 5.5” and above screen.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the Palert tweak will be able to work smoothly with the current tweaks such as BioProtect, Automa and CleanSheets. The tweak can be called as a universal tweak because it is compatible with iOS 8.4, iOS 9.0.2 and iOS 9.1. You can download the tweak right now from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

Thus, if you prefer to have a refreshing look and a whole new appearance with beautiful looking full screen notifs instead of receiving the same old white pop-up alerts on your iDevices, then trying out Palert might just be the best choice!

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