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At the beginning of January there were 800 million active users, who were sending 9.5 billion photos every day to their Facebook friends, no matter if they were logging in from the application or on the website. When accessing Facebook on the official page, the experience is not that great, but by using dedicated browser windows or secret codes to initiate chess games, the application can become quite addictive. Below, we’ll give you a list of tips and tricks that will make you love Facebook Messenger.

Use Codes To Play Games

If you want to play chess with a person with whom you’re having a conversation, type @fbchess and if you need directions in this game, type @fbchess help. If you’re a fan of basketball, then use the basketball emoji in your conversation.

Call A Car

Uber and Lyft apps are integrated with Facebook Messenger, so, when you want to call a car, just tap the “…” near the text box and choose Transportation and sign into your account on one of these applications. Uber will show a small car icon under the text box and when tapping on it, a Request Ride map will appear and you’ll have two options: uberX or uberXL. Select one of them, then the destination and tap Request.

Make Transactions

If you owe money to someone or vice versa, but you don’t have time to meet that person and pay him cash, then you can register your debit card with Messenger and make transactions. This can be done by rapping the “…” icon next to the text-entry box and selecting Payments to enter the account details. When making a transaction, you can add one of the six themes (send a birthday gift or a bottle of wine), by swiping left.

Pin Group Conversations

You can keep track of your group conversations by pinning them, so tap Pin from the top left, select the group that will be pinned and even name it, or add a photo to it, then tap Pin from the top right.

Mute Notifications

When you’re in a group with lots of “noisy” members who send messages continuously, it can be very tiring to keep up with the conversation and you’ll continue to get notifications. The solution is simple: mute the conversation by tapping the name from the top of the message and selecting Notifications from the drop-down menu.

Edit Photos

Before sending a photo to your friend, you have the possibility to draw on it or add a text. Below the text box there’s a photo icon. Tap on it and select the image you want to customize, then tap on Edit and start adding text by selecting the text block from the bottom left. Also, by selecting the pen icon from the bottom right, you can add a mustache. However, this works only with photos that are selected by swipping.

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