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Android is one of the most prominent platforms in the market, second only to iOS. Its open nature doesn’t help either as this makes Android devices a target for hackers. There are plenty of Android apps that can help protect your device but here are just some of them.

Clueful Beta

Want to know more about what an application can do when you install them? Then Bitdefender’s Clueful Beta is the application to do that. It shows you how the application uses your private data and treats your privacy. It also finds intrusive applications as well as show what they doing while on background.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Another trustworthy application that you can use to protect your Android device is Lookout Security & Antivirus. As the name implies, it is an anti-virus software and more. You can track your Android device through Lookout as well as do backups and restores through it.

Privacy Inspector

Privacy Inspector works similarly as Clueful but has been around longer than the latter. It reveals all of the information that an application takes from your device. The results can be sent through email, Facebook and even Twitter. The intrusive app can also be uninstalled via Privacy Inspector as well. If you want, you can even upgrade to Privacy Blocker for more features.

Plan B

If your phone ever get lost or stolen, you can easily track it back again via Plan B. If your phone happens to be lost and you have not installed this application, you can always install it remotely via Google Play. Once installed, it will work immediately and will email you the location on which the phone is approximately at. Plan B certainly works and it did help Ars Technica’s Jon Barrow recover his phone when he lost it in a cab.