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The Windows 10 users are able to access their WhastApp accounts with the WhatsApp Web client, which is compatible with the new Microsoft Edge web browser, but they wanted notifications to be integrated with the Windows 10 Action Center. Now, they have WhatsWrapp, an application that brings the feature that isn’t supported by WhatsApp Web.

With WhatsWrapp, you will see your hatsApp notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center, but you will need to keep the application open all the time, because otherwise you will no longer see notifications and unread messages. But if you have too many active chats in WhatsApp and you’re getting too many notifications, you can turn them off in Settings.

WhatsWrapp – Features:

– Web wrapper for WhatsApp;
– Live tile with unread messages and chat counts;
– Toast notification with unread messages and chat counts when app is in background;
– Unread messages are shown in action center;

The app can be downloaded from the Windows Store and until now, it received two updates: 1.1.1602, which introduced toast and tile notifications for unread messages, while 1.1.1603 fixed unsupported browser message.

WhatsWrapp is free and was created by Dhananjay Odhekar and the installation file has 4.05 MB in size. Some of the users complained about the font size, so they want it increased and thicker, they want more features to change colors, background and an easier way to change the profile picture and status. Other suggestions from the users are: the option to hide it on the tray, to auto load on system start-up, and the icon should be changed to green, so it will be similar to WhatsApp. Some user has complained that he installed all browsers, but the application still doesn’t want to start and it’s stuck on the starting screen with this recommendation: install browsers.