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iPhone is different as compared with Android devices because of its raw performance, as such, there are plenty of iPhone games with killer graphics out there. Here are just some of the best ones that we can find for you.

Walking Dead: The Game

The comic book series is now a TV show and thus, it only makes much sense for them to add a licensed game into the picture. Walking Dead: The Game is filled with awesome graphics. The gameplay itself isn’t bad either as you will need to make quick decisions while playing the game. There are also plenty of events and puzzles to keep you occupied, at the moment, there are 5 episodes with each costing $5, you can also get all five of them for $20.


Another great game with high end graphics is Horn by Zynga Inc. You play as a character named Horn whose village is being overrun by monsters. These monsters are actually your village people, transformed by a curse but you have the power to free them, it is a fun game to play and will only cost you $6.99. It works on the iPad 2, latest iPad, each iPhone and the latest iPod Touch.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

You may have heard that this game has taken the console world by storm. You play as one of the many DC heroes and villains out there, it is certainly an exciting game and a must-have for any DC comics fan out there, you can even play as the Batman in the game too! Injustice: Gods Among Us is available for free.

Dragon Up

This is a fun adventure game for anyone to play with, you collect gold and food from villagers to grow your Dragon Roost, in addition to that, there are dozens of dragons that you can play with. It is available for free so be sure to check them out!