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Apple has released the iOS 9.3 update last week and, according to reports, it comes with a glitch that causes some applications to freeze.

An iPhone owner has reported this on the official Apple support forums, saying that while running the Safari web browser or Mail app (both are in-built applications), the applications are just freezing and nothing can be done to fix this issue. The same user has reported that he did also restart the device, but the applications were still freezing.

Soon enough, other users have reported that they have the same issue, when running any application that has a link to open Safari, while another user has claimed that he had iOS 9.3 BETA installed on his iPhone and this never happened and it was actually more stable than the public release.

Currently, it’s not sure what is causing this issue, but a report from TechCrunch pointed that most of the complains seem to be related to an iOS 9 feature that’s named “Universal Links”. It seems that the app developers can force the links to open directly within their programs instead of Apple’s Safari browser, and this may cause some specific applications to freeze.

Apple has already replied to the users and has confirmed that it is currently working on fixing it as soon as possible. We remind you that the company has already patched this issue on the iPad 2 device, but it also confirmed that it will launch a software update to the other iOS devices sometime in the near future.

Currently, there are many disappointed Apple fans which have expected that the iOS 9.3 will come with fixes and not more glitches. However, we’re pretty sure that before the end of the week Apple will release a patch in order to fix this issue, since the users can’t do anything to “temporarily” fix it themselves.

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