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Google has decided yet how to name its upcoming operating system, but some variants would be Nutella, Nankhatai, Nectar, Nugget or even Nacho. However, the name will be voted in an online poll and Google will announce it during its Google I/O 2016 event, which will run 18 to 20 May 2016. Until then, the owners of some of the Nexus devices can install the Developer Preview of Android N and test out its features. Below, we’ll present you the changes that have been made to this new OS.

Home Screen and App Drawer

Google won’t completely overhaul Android N’s UI, as it did with Lollipop, when it brought a new Material Design, but it will continue the changes that started in Marshmallow. The home screen and the App Drawer are cleaner and less cluttered, just like they should have been in Lollipop.


Google hasn’t forgotten about the lock screen either. The notifications bar and tray are now cleaner and they show notifications on a white background. Also, the Google Now Search cards layout is getting new details.

Direct Reply

You might think that this feature was stolen from Apple’s iOS, but it’s something different, because the function allows you to reply from three areas: the lockscreen notifications area, notifications bar and from the location at the top of the screen, where notifications appear. The users noticed that Direct reply works with WhatsApp and other third party applications.

Split-screen Multitasking

Google has revamped the Settings menu, the Quick Settings toggles and added the multitasking feature, which allows you to run two applications, at the same time, in split screen. On the 5.2-inch screen of the Nexus 5X, the multi-window multitasking mode feels buggy and Google will still need to work on it.

Battery Life

Project Svelte was introduced in 4.4 KitKat, and it role was to eliminate Android fragmentation. This mode was kept in Android N and it managed to extend the battery life of the Nexus 5X model.


Unfortunately, the Developer Preview isn’t bug-free and the users complained that apps and casual games crash frequently, while tabs in the style Recents apps menu go blank.