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Microsoft has released the digital version of the Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile user manual, which can be downloaded from the company’s official website. This user manual applies to the Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones that have been launched in November 2015 + the Lumia 950 model that was announced in February, and contains information about all the features that Microsoft introduced in the latest OS, and which are available on the two devices.

There are no product specific device manuals for these Lumia devices, but the general guide will introduce the users to the features and what Windows 10 Mobile is offering. The user guide has 137 pages and can be downloaded, in PDF format, from Microsoft’s official website.

The first “lesson” is actually a list of guidelines about how to protect the phone: to turn it off in restricted areas, to use batteries and other accessories from Microsoft, to keep the phone dry and to try not to drop the phone on the ground, because it will break.

In the next lesson, the users will be taught how to turn on and off the device by pressing the power button, how to lock the keys and screen, how to charge the phone, by plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet and connecting the cable to the device, or how to charge it wirelessly.

Then, the users will learn how to set up their first Lumia, to update the preinstalled applications, to explore tiles, apps, and settings, to navigate inside an app or to use the touch screen and to scroll through a long list or menu. The next lesson is about the back, start and search keys, what their role is, they will find out how to copy contacts using Bluetooth, to transfer content using a Microsoft account, or with OneDrive, to transfer Outlook content from an Android phone or iPhone, or from a Symbian or S40 phone.

In the “Basics” section, the users will be familiarized with their phone better. They will be taught about how to create accounts, how to personalize the device or to take a screenshot, to extend the battery life, to write text, to browse their SIM apps, and they will be introduced to Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant.

Other section is dedicated to camera and its basics, another section is for Maps and navigation, and the Internet section will teach the users how to solve problems related to the internet connection.

Windows 10 Mobile will run desktop applications, so Office with its Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote can be installed on any Lumia device running on this new OS. Also, with the Continuum feature, a Windows 10 Mobile device will turn into a PC by connecting it to a physical keyboard and mouse.