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The Facebook-owned company hasn’t forgotten about Microsoft’s mobile platform, although it rarely releases updates for it. But when it does, WhatsApp brings new features and the Windows Phone users are now able to trim videos before sharing them with their friends, and in addition, they can share document files and this feature was firstly added to the Android version.

In the change log for the WhatsApp 2.12.344 were included the following changes:

– documents can be shared from the chat window, where the application has a new icon for sharing documents;
– videos can be trimmed or cropped before being sent to your friends;
– Chats and Calls Setting have a new Save Incoming Media toggle, which allow you to select whether to auto-save or not photos or videos that you receive from your friends;
– you can send document files, as well and soon, more file types will be supported.

The video trimming feature will surely make the Windows Phone users happy, because the WhatsApp application has a 16MB limit for sending multimedia files, and many videos are too big and can’t be sent. Recently, the developers have brought another useful feature, allowing the users to compress the size of a video file and the inclusion of the video trimming feature will change the video file sharing experience for the better.

Unfortunately, this update is not available for the devices running on Windows Phone 7.8, so if your phone is too old, we suggest you to buy a newer Lumia model, especially because Microsoft has upgraded a good amount of Lumia smartphones to the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS and you’ll benefit from the latest advantages. By the end of 2016, WhatsApp will stop releasing updates for Windows Phone 7.1, Symbian, BlackBerry and Android 2.1 and 2.2 versions.

Recently, a WhatsApp user who has a Lumia 720 phone running on Windows 8.1 has complained that in the past three days, he had some problems in sharing audio files, recorded directly in the application, as some of his recipients were not receiving the files, although they were shown in the chat history as delivered.

Have you encountered similar problems?