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New screenshots and details about the upcoming Pokémon GO have been released. Niantic, the developer, and Nintendo, world’s largest video game company by revenue, have been mum until now, but they decided to come up with some solid information regarding the Pokémon GO game.

We remind you that Pokémon GO has been announced last year, and since then, the two companies haven’t revealed much information about it. However, since the release of the Pokémon GO is getting closer and closer, and since the game is currently in closed BETA test in Japan, the companies have started to publish information and screenshots of it.

Niantic has written a post, where it shared some screenshots along with some details about how the gameplay will be like. These screenshots show an interface which is quite similar to Google Maps and Streetview, as you can zoom out and in to get a better view of what’s around you.

In the same post, Niantic said that there will be some wild Pokémons that will spawn only in their environments. With other words, Pokémon grass types will spawn around wooded areas, while the water types will, of course, spawn around waters (lakes, oceans, rivers etc.).

In addition, the players will be able to get Eggs that will hatch and grow into a Pokémon. The eggs will be purchasable only at the “PokéStops”, where you will be able to purchase Pokéballs and other types of items. According to Niantic, the “PokéStops” will be placed in landmarks, museums, monuments and more.

As expected, a player will also be able to send a Pokémon into the battle versus another Pokémon owned by another player. Also, the players will be encouraged to join one of the three teams in order to compete over the prestige and ownership of Gyms.

The Pokémon GO is expected to be released sometime in 2016, but we don’t know exactly when this will happen.