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Ten days ago, Facebook has added a secret minigame to the Messenger app, as a celebration of the basketball’s March Madness tournament. The game was available to the users who installed the latest version of the application, which was released at that time. The game started when the user sent the basketball emoji to a friend, and the recipient pressed the ball. They were both taken to a white screen, outside of the conversation, where there were only the basketball and a hoop.

When the game is launched, the basketball is placed in various locations on the screen and the players will swipe up toss the ball from different angles, into the hoop from the top center. The one who gets the most baskets in consecutively wins the game. If the user hits more than ten baskets in a row, the backboard will start moving on its own, as if someone controls it remotely. This is a simple game and it can be played for fun with a close friend, with the condition that he/she has installed the latest Facebook Messenger update.

Currently, the Facebook Messenger users can install the beta which weighs 29.23 MB and comes only with bug fixes and performance improvements. In this application, the users can keep in touch with their friends by sending them messages with simple texts or photos (the sender will know if the recipient has read the message), they are able to search for people and groups, post photos or videos, comment on their friends’ statuses or photos, reply to comments on their own posts, forward messages or photos to friends who weren’t in the conversation, share location, turn off notifications for a few hours (when the user is sleeping or working and doesn’t want to be bothered), create shortcuts on the phone’s home screen to easily get to a conversation, record a voice message and send it as a message, use stickers, see who’s online on Messenger and who is logged on the website etc.