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If you are planning to get a DSLR, there are plenty of things that you should ask yourself. Even if money is not a problem, you might not want to get something that is too complex. This is especially true if you are a beginner in DSLR.

Why the purchase?

First and foremost, what is the main purpose of getting the DSLR? Is it for photography or videography? Some DSLRs are tuned in such a way that it either benefits photographers or videographers. Take the EOS 6xD/6xxD/6D series for example. It has features such as full HD recording, tilt screen and a few others. High end camera such as the 5D Mark II may have a balance between the two but this is rarely the case.

Are you willing to learn?

DSLR are everywhere today because the prices have gone down low enough that it is not only accessible to professionals but even the general public. In fact, there are now plenty of DSLR made for consumers instead of prosumers. The problem with DSLR is that these are more complex than the standard point-and-shoot camera. So, are you willing to learn?

There are plenty of things that you need to take note. First of all, ditch the Program or auto mode as well as the presets (night, landscape, portrait, etc.). Instead, learn to use the more complex modes such as Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual and a few others. You will be able to achieve so much more by learning these functions. In fact, you shouldn’t get a DSLR if you don’t want to learn any of these in the first place.

Practive, Practice, Practice!

It was said that in as many as 1,000 pictures, there might just be one perfect photo. As such, you need to refine your skills so that you achieve that perfect photo as many times. Learn new photography techniques such as light strobist and night photography. Only then will you fully appreciate DSLRs.