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Twitter is currently testing a new feature that will see the more than 400 million people using the social network on a monthly basis start adding stickers to their photos.

This is a feature that will put the dwindling social media company on the same level with its long-time rival Facebook. If anything, the Mark Zuckerberg-owned foundation leads the way when it comes to social networking. It is in fact for this reason that almost every move it makes is sometimes later followed by its competitors.

Even though not a direct competitor (since it is owned by Facebook), Instagram recently added a notification system that works in the same way as Facebook’s. It’s now the turn of Twitter to borrow a leaf from the tech giant by rolling out the ability to add these popular animated images to photos before sharing them with friends. Facebook already did this about a year ago, something that puts Twitter in the passenger’s seat.

Stickers feature on Twitter still in beta

At the moment, the feature is still being tested by the company and as such, it is not available to the public. According to Recode, the feature is only available to a few select users and as it seems, the feature is known as Stickers. Using this Stickers feature, Twitter users will be able to edit a photo by adding images to it. The app will also suggest the best images you can edit and share with friends in “trending conversations and breaking news.” When you tap on an image, multiple versions that others have edited before will show up.

If anything, this feature will only but encourage Twitter users to post more photos, but only if they enjoy using it. Twitter certainly wants to increase engagement on the platform using this feature given that photos and videos have been proven to be highly engaging than text-based tweets. Chances are high that someone will retweet a tweet that consists of a photo or video as opposed to plain text.

Even though the Stickers feature is currently testing, it is not that new on Twitter. Celebrities on Twitter have already seen this before and as such, the company simply wants every other user to have the same experience. Since the feature is still in beta, there is no word of when it will be available for Android and iOS users of the platform. This will heavily depend on the outcome of the current tests.