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As a platform independent app, WhatsApp is today an integral and indispensable part of almost any smartphone.

Rolling out new updates quite often, this free app has become a hot favorite even among almost anyone who has used it only once. Not just text, WhatsApp also comes with the ability to share audio, images, and videos. All incoming media files received through the app by default are automatically saved in the Gallery of your handset. These can eat into the memory space supported by the device and slow down the performance of the device. In other words, you will have to make a periodical analysis of your smartphone’s gallery and either delete the files you or no longer interested in or move the appropriate files to a memory card. This can be a tedious and time consuming process if you have saved a lot of images and videos. One of the latest updates in WhatsApp for iOS makes this task simple for you with its ability to restrict the incoming media files based on your preferences.

Selecting Incoming Media File to be Downloaded

Do you receive too many media files that take up a lot of space from your friends on WhatsApp? Would you like to have a restriction on this and take control on from whom you would like to get such files? If your answer to these questions is a Yes and you own an iPhone, then rest assured that your favorite app has found a simple solution to these questions.

The latest WhatsApp update (version 2.12.16) allows you to take the upper hand in deciding which selected or group of contacts you would like to receive media files from.  There is a common setting that you can set as either ON or OFF to allow or disallow files from all WhatsApp buddies in your contacts list. This is by default set to OFF and restricts incoming media files from everyone in your list.  Apart from this, the iOS WhatsApp has two other options – Allow and Never – to make separate choices for each contact. You can also do this setting manipulation for a group chat. This way, you can ensure that the storage space in your handset or memory card is used to store only media files of associates whom you really care about such as close friends or family members. This can also make the communication process quite easy and more fun too.

Advantages of the New Feature

There are quite a few advantages of having the possibility to decide the incoming media content on WhatsApp. People with slow Internet connection and less storage space on their smartphones are those who will truly appreciate this feature and find it handy. This is because the update gives you complete control over incoming files. You can analyze the incoming media content and sort them accordingly. This in turn reduces the data consumption of your device and storage space available on the handset. The other key benefit is that it helps to reduce (if not completely eliminate) the threat of receiving content from unknown sources. This can eliminate the possibility of threat from suspicious files which can hamper the functioning of your smartphone. With less clutter, you will surely have more control on what is saved in the Camera Roll. Searching through the roll for the desired videos and images has thus become easier than before.

Apart from the above updates, there are a few other changes in iOS WhatsApp V2.12.16. These include PDF sharing among contacts and pull down option in in-app notifications. With the enabling of PDF sharing option, you do not have turn to your email anymore to help you out to do this. Looking up the list of missed calls on your handset has also been made faster.

As of now, WhatsApp has introduced the saving incoming media feature only for iOS platforms. There is no idea whether plans are being made to offer this update for other operating systems too. However, to compromise for this, they offer other features that are not available on iOS WhatsApp. One such functionality is the bold and italics text formatting ability in the upcoming WhatsApp for Android.

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