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The first Pokémon game was released 20 years ago, but the concept was imagined by Tajiri around 1989 or 1990, after the launch of the Game Boy handheld video game device. At first, the Pokémon games were role-playing games and had an element of strategy, but the reason why the game has become so popular is because the players were fascinated with the fictional creatures they had to collect, train and send to battle. Soon, The Pokémon Company will release another game: Pokémon Z, which is a continuation to Pokémon X and Y, but according to rumors, Pokémon Sun and Moon will be launched ahead of it.

Christian Times reported that the Pokémon Z installment will be brought after Pokémon X and Y, in the first quarter of 2016, but the latest rumors suggest that the game is still in development and it will be released next year. On the other hand, the Pokémon Sun and Moon games, developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company, will be released in 2016, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise and will be available for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. According to IGN and Kotaku, the new games will feature a fire engine, an ambulance and a pickup truck, and the players will be able to buy items from the Pokémon Bank. Also, all Pokémon characters caught in the previous Pokémon X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow will be transferred to the two new games.

There aren’t many known details about the Pokémon Z, but it will feature all the monsters from X and Y, which have been announced in January, 2013, but they went on sale in October, being the first Nintendo-published retail games that received a global simultaneous release in multiple important regions. In the two games, the trainer is young and lives in the Kalos region, inspired from France. There, he will try to defeat the Team Flare, a criminal organization who sends its creatures to battle in the Pokémon League Champion.