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The GTA 5 Online players have started the weekend in force. Rockstar Games has released a new event which was named “Ill-Gotten Gains Week” and which will end on March 31. Until then, you will be able to earn double RP and even get a t-shirt with the logo of The Shoulder Of Orion II movie.

If you’ll participate in some of the race playlists in GTA 5 Online, you will earn double RP and below we’ll give you the schedule:

– Today you’ll have to win Street Races;
– From Monday, March 28, to Tuesday, March 29, are scheduled Air Races;
– On Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31, you’ll race on sea.

In addition, you’ll make some savings, as Rockstar will offer a 25 percent discount on some of the cars that have been introduced in GTA Online, through the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update, and the list of Legendary Motorsport cars includes Coil Brawler, Dinka Vindicator motorcycle, Invetero Coquette BlackFin and Progen T20. Moreover, Rockstar is offering mods for these vehicles at a discount of 25 percent from the Santos Customs garages.

If you’re not interested in getting a land-based vehicle, then you might want to buy the Lampadati Toro speedboat, which is also benefiting from a 25 percent discount, if you purchase it from rhe DockTease dealer.

More discounts are offered though both parts of the Ill-Gotten Gains updates for all clothing and tattoos (50 percent), as well for the Knuckle Duster, The Pimp, and The Rock melee weapons from the weapon shop Ammu-Nation (50 percent).

As for the GTA 5 game, we remind you that there’s a rumor about an upcoming DLC which will be called “Inch by Inch” and whose gameplay mode is based on the idea of American football, meaning that the players will hold a package and will walk on foot to an ”end zone” location, where they will deliver the package.

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