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It seems that Google is improving the security and protection for the Gmail users and makes sure that people will be warned if there is a chance that the government is trying to steal their passwords. Also, the users will be warned them about dangerous links that they are about to open and this has been confirmed by Google via its official blog.

We remind you that since 2012, Google has put a banner on top of users’ Gmail pages which warned about state-sponsored attackers, but starting from today, the users will get a full-page warning about it, which will be very hard to miss.

However, Google claimed that there is a low chance that the warnings are false alarms, but it won’t reveal why the warnings appear in these cases, especially because the company doesn’t want the attackers to know how it noticed.

Google claims that this warning will be shown to less than 0.1% of the Gmail users and the people who receive them will most likely be activists, progressive policy-makers and journalists.

This email warning has started about five years ago, after Google has introduced “Safe Browsing”, a feature that gave users a full-page warning when they visited a webpage that could contain harmful software, phishing scams or malware. However, the Safe Browsing is now being updated to show-full page warning when you will click on potentially harmful link while in your Gmail account (regardless if you are via the email application or browser).

In addition, Google has also teamed up with Yahoo!, Microsoft and Comcast in order to a propose a new email-sending standard, which will make sure that the emails will be delivered via encrypted channels, which will greatly decrease the chance for the hackers to intercept them (the emails).

We remind you that the Gmail users can already see when they receive emails that are not sent via an encrypted channel, as these emails come with a “red unlocked” symbol.