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People often take their privacy seriously but on the internet, you don’t always find yourself doing that. This is because there are a lot of trackers available on the internet that can intrude your privacy. If you use Google Chrome, here are some extensions you might want to check to protect your privacy.


Disconnect is a great extension that can make your browsing faster, private and more secure. Through Disconnect, you can disable tracking cookies by advertising companies as well as third-party websites such as Facebook, Yahoo and Google. There is also the Secure Wi-Fi to protect your device when you use a Wi-Fi network.

Web of Trust

If you want to know whether the website that you are browsing is trustworthy or not, you can certainly get this extension. If the website that you browse has a green traffic signal warning, it shows that the website is safe. Amber on the other hand is for suspicious website and red is for website to avoid at all costs. These ratings are from user feedbacks so you can also add in your feedbacks as well.


If you use a lot of extensions, you will need to ensure that all of them are up-to-date. This is so that all of the security exploits have been fixed. Such examples of extensions with exploits are outdated versions of Java and Flash.

Click & Clean

This is actually a must have for most public computers. A click on this extension and it removes all URLs from your browsing history as well as delete any cookies, temporary files and download history from your browser.


AdBlock works much like Disconnect where it blocks advertising that are intrusive to risk-inducing. It often blocks most of the advertisements that you see on the internet, especially the ones that run on Flash. This also means that you can browse the internet much faster.