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Adobe has released a new version of its Flash Player, which comes with some critical bugs that could affect a subset of the Flash gaming content.

If you are using Windows OS, and you’ve allowed Adobe to automatically install updates, via the automatic update feature, then your Flash Player will be updated within 24 hours after the release of the new version. However, you can also manually download the latest Flash Player version to your computer via Adobe’s official website.

Adobe Flash Player is currently one of the most popular freeware software in the world, which is used to display rich web content on the internet. The application is also offering accelerated graphics rendering, high-resolution bitmap support, native 64-bit support across major computer platforms, content protection, audio compression and more.

We remind you that two weeks ago, Adobe has released a new version of the Flash Player, which fixed 18 critical vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities included those that could be used by the hackers for code execution or targeted attacks. However, the new version came with a heap overflow vulnerability, which led to code execution, and some other version of the Flash Player had memory corruption vulnerabilities.

It seems that these vulnerabilities were present in many versions of this application across different platforms. However, you can now fix all the mentioned issues if you install the latest Adobe Flash Player version 21.00.197.

Adobe Flash Player has always had vulnerabilities issues, but Adobe has ignored them and this made a few big companies to ditch this player in favor of HTML5. It seems that the Adobe Flash Player will slowly “die” in the upcoming months, as reports are saying that more and more companies will start using HTML5 instead of the old Adobe Flash Player.

What are your thoughts about the Adobe Flash Player? Do you think that Adobe will ever fix all the security issues that this application comes with?