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Not a day goes by without a new WhatsApp beta up. The developers are like diligent bees working hard in their hive and their honey is sweeter than ever. We’ve used this metaphor to describe WhatsApp’s ambition to improve this application and Android is the favorite platform when it comes to testing out new features. And lately have been added many useful features, but more about them we’ll tell you in this article.

The WhatsApp 2.12.559 beta update weighs 27.39 MB, with 13Kb less than the previous one, but we don’t know yet which files have been deleted, and which have been modified, but what we can tell you for sure is that this update allows you to send a PDF file that has been stored on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, so when attaching it, you will simply tap on the “Browse other docs” option. Also, these PDFs, sent or received, can be viewed by tapping Media from contact info or group info and the other two changes that have been included in the change log posted on the Google Play store are related to the starred messages, which can be viewed for a given chat from contact info or group info, while when clearing a chat, you will have the possibility to keep your starred messages.

Other recently added features are formatted format text inside messages as bold (the text will be put inside * *) and italics (the text will be put between _ _). In order to see the text in bold and italics, the recipient must install the latest update. When receiving a text in bold or italics, it will be shown in the same format, in the notification tray.

We remind you that now you can become a WhatsApp tester on the Google Play store, so you will be able to install the latest beta updates of this application without needing to enable the Unknown Sources option.