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The latest version of Viber for Android was released almost a month ago and the file has 36MB in size. It comes with three important changes: the ability to attach files (documents, presentations, archives), the option to delete sent messages so they will be removed from all the members of the conversation even after they’ve read them, and with the “More” screen, it’s easier to share Viber.

Viber was created by four Israeli partners, which founded Viber Media, but the application was bought in February 2014 by Rakuten, for $900 million and the new owner continued to release new updates for the supported platforms: (Android), 5.8 (iOS), (BlackBerry OS) and 4.5.1 (Windows Phone). However, the application can be also installed on smartphones running on Bada, Symbian and Series 40, as well on computers running on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The version for Android that was added to the Google Play store offers more detailed information in group chats, the camera has been improved for video and when the users are in another application, they will no longer be interrupted, as the application allows you to disable the option to display a notification (popup) whenever a new message is received.

On Viver, users can send simple text messages, or share pictures with their friends, over Wifi or 3G, they can create group messages and add up to 200 members, or make free voice calls to other Viber users. In addition, with the Viber Out feature, the users can call landline and mobile numbers, but they will be charged. However, the rates are very low and they depend on the region and carrier the phone is connected to.

Unfortunately, the application seems to drain the battery very fast because of the wifi-policy that keeps it on even if the user turns it off. Apparently, even if you turn off WiFi and you don’t receive messages anymore, the battery is still draining. You should make sure that WiFi is really off by going to Settings, General, WiFi, sleep policy and clicking on the “choose device settings” part.