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When it comes down to it at the end of the day, Samsung has been one of the best manufacturer for Android phones, they’ve been making both high quality smartphones, tablets as well as the so-called phablets, phones which are large enough that they might as well be tablets, or if you’re prefer the other classification, a tablet which can use SIMs.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S7

Both of these names are far apart from each other if you’re looking at a timeline of the various devices which Samsung has released but both of these devices are still one of the best ones out there for their specific categories, Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Note 6 sooner than we expected but we’re still going to have to wait for an official announcement from Samsung, for now however, we can surely talk about the differences that both of these devices have over one another.

The Screen Size

The major difference between the S and Note series is the screen size, the Galaxy S7’s screen comes out to be 5.1 inches whereas the Note 5 has 5.7 inches of display, as for resolution, both the devices have identical resolutions (1440 x 2560) ultimately causing a much higher pixel density for the Galaxy S7, although both devices have pixels which are quite hard to notice with the naked eye.


Then there’s the obvious differences in hardware which have their affect on pretty much every aspect of your phone, whether it’s the smoothness of your phone’s user interface or just its camera capabilities, hardware is quite an important part of selecting a phone.

Most flagships are identical but because of the Note 5 being released much earlier, it has some hardware drawbacks, whether it’s the weaker CPU & GPU, the lack of reliable fast charging (there were complaints about the battery draining quickly at lower charge percentages) and a removable internal storage, the Galaxy Note 5 falls behind the S7 in some aspects.

Then there’s the advantage of having a higher megapixel camera combined with the higher screen size, the Note 5 is still a formidable opponent and a valid option to consider unless you’d much rather wait for the Galaxy Note 6.


As of late, Samsung has been doing a much better job at keeping their phones up to date, owners of the Galaxy Note 5 are enjoying the latest Android experience combined with all of its benefits, whether it’s the general UI update or the new features, you’re more than free to update from Android Lollipop (Note 5 comes with factory-installed Lollipop) to Android Marshmallow.

Samsung has also promised to keep their future phones along with any older, compatible phones, well up-to-date as new versions of Android are released, we can surely expect the Galaxy S7 to be updated along with any new device which Samsung releases.