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It’s been officially confirmed that Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released later this year however no release date has yet been given for the new game. The new Pokémon RPG duo set will be the first set of games with the Generation VII Pokemon in it. So far, there hasn’t been very much information revealed for the game despite it’s 2016 release time.

Fans are hopeful that more information about these game will be revealed mid-April in the April issue of the CoroCore monthly manga magazine; according to rumors the magazine will feature a glimpse at the upcoming games.

After the games were first announced, concept art of them was also released and provided quite a bit of information about what fans can expect to see. The PokeMarts and Pokemon Centres will be receiving design updates and cosmetic changes to enhance their looks. The concept art included a lot of vehicles such as a pickup truck and various emergency service vehicles which has left fans wondering if they will be able to use these vehicles; some of the concept art also depicted Pokemon driving in them.

The addition on vehicles would not be too much of a stretch, traditionally Pokemon has always had faster methods of land travel such as running shoes or bicycles. Pokemon X and Y featured skates which players could use to travel across the land at a much faster speed. There is no other information about the vehicles yet but some players speculate that these could be another method of instant travel similar to using “Fly” with a Pokemon.

Some reports are suggesting that the classic starter Pokemon choice will be different in these games; players will no longer select between a Fire, Water or Grass type Pokemon. There are currently 19 different Pokemon Types so it could be possible that this system will change slightly and players will be able to select from different Pokemon types at the start of the game instead. For some players something like this could be a nice change however the system seen in previous games has always worked well.

The most recent games have featured Mega Evolutions and it is safe to assume that these games will include them also, the question on the minds of fans however is: Will there be new Mega Evolutions?

New Mega Evolutions is a possibility and considering the pattern from the last group of Mega Evolutions it’s possible that they will be for Generation II Pokemon such as Totodile. As some Legendary Pokemon now have these evolutions also, we can assume that more of the Legendary Pokemon will be getting their own Mega Evolutions.

Details on Pokemon Sun and Moon are due to be revealed in April and the games are currently set for a late 2016 release.