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Pokémon fans got a big surprise last month as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were announced, sending excited fans into a tizzy with what the latest game installments in the Pokemon franchise would bring. Unfortunately, since the announcement, there have been very little updates or news to give eager fans more information about the upcoming games. Luckily, a leak that the magazine CoroCoro that comes out April 15, may have some information on the upcoming games. The magazine will also feature something called “Pokemon Elections” which is the title of the rumored upcoming film. The announcement in the magazine is rumored to be quite big, and may have something to do with the franchises 20th anniversary.

So far as a release date goes, Pokemon fans may have to wait a little while longer. Current rumors have people speculating that Sun and Moon will be released to coincide with the upcoming console from the parent company, Nintendo NX. Since the console war has raged between Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo has found that its console has fallen behind in sales and they want to remain competitive. Since they want the Nintendo NX to be the new console of the year, there is a lot of speculation that the company will release both the console and Pokemon Sun and Moon in order to promote more sales.

At the time of this writing, only speculation about the release date of the both the games and Nintendo’s new console is all we have, and some professionals in the gaming industry think that even with the feature in the magazine said to be coming out next month, most of the pertinent information will be saved for the biggest gaming expo of the year, E3, which is held every June in Los Angeles, California.

For now, Pokemon fans will have to keep playing their older games and bide their time until the official release date.