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Pokémon GO is the upcoming augmented reality mobile game from Niantic and The Pokémon Company; the game will bring Pokemon to the real world and allow players to locate and capture Pokemon all over the world. So far there is no official release date for the game but there is plenty of speculation from the Pokemon fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the game.

More information has finally revealed about the gameplay for Pokemon Go and fans finally have some of the answers to the questions they’ve been asking since the game was first announced. There is still plenty left unanswered at this point however. The Pokemon website has provided some more information about the game.

Moving around the environment will cause the smartphone to vibrate when there is a Pokemon nearby, once the Pokemon has been encountered the player can throw a Pokeball to try and catch it by aiming with the touchscreen. Trying to catch a Pokemon is not entirely certain and there is a chance that the Pokemon will run away before the player can catch it. This makes it more realistic and in-line with the Pokemon games, there was no mention of battling the Pokemon first before capturing them however.

One of the biggest questions on the mind of potential players is about PokeMarts and if they would be in the game; it has been confirmed that there are PokeStops located at places of interest such as historical markers or monuments where the player can collect more Pokeballs and other items. So to collect more Pokeballs the player must travel to the needed locations.

Pokemon Gyms have been confirmed where players assign their own Pokemon to defend local gyms from other teams of players. Other teams can challenged the Pokemon to a battle to try and win control of the gym for their team. So it seems that players will be split into teams which compete against each other to control as many gyms as possible.

As expected there will be achievements for players to complete and also medals will be rewarded for completing them; there was no mention about gym badges and so far there are no other comments about Pokemon Battles.

More information about Pokemon Go should be released soon as the first Field Test for the game is due to start in Japan this month.