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Update 0.14.0 has been out for several months now and fans of Minecraft Pocket Edition are looking for hints about what will be in the next big update. Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.15.0 was confirmed shortly after the released of the last big patch however it wasn’t given an official release date or release time. There is still currently no release date or time for this big update.

The developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition have revealed some of what will be included in this patch however and have also asked their Twitter followers what they should include. There is no guarantee that fans will see everything they want in this update but there has been a large number of fans calling for more multiplayer support and the return of Minecraft Realms to the Pocket Edition.

It was revealed on Twitter that this update should be adding Resource Packs to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. Resource Packs are the new, upgraded version of Texture Packs; these do not just re-texture the game but can also add new music, adjust models and also in-game animation. They allow players to customize their own Minecraft game to suit them without needing to modify the game code. It was suggested that more graphics options will be coming to the game and was confirmed that there will be an Anti-Aliasing option added to the game. The issue that caused lag for some players when they switched on Animated Water has been fixed and the option for turning this off will be removed with this update.

There also seem to be new blocks planned for this update; it was confirmed on Twitter that Pistons and Sticky Pistons will be coming with a version exclusive animation where the arm of the piston is thicker at the bottom. It was suggested that there may be more Redstone related blocks coming in the future, it was probably in reference to this update but there was no confirmation about that.

This update should also add Raw Mutton to the game which will be dropped when a Sheep is killed; it’s probably safe to assume that Cooked Mutton will also be added alongside it. There have been hints that the team is working on NPC’s also with suggestion that dialogue with them is also coming which would be a version exclusive.

Nothing else has been hinted to yet but fans are hoping for more biomes, even more blocks and maybe some more versions exclusive content.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.15.0 is the upcoming big update for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft and more news on this update should be available soon.