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Android Marshmallow 6.0 update has kept quite a few people busy and waiting for the update notification to appear on their phone, all of a sudden it feels like we’ve went back to the time when Lollipop was released and enthusiastic users across the globe were waiting for the update to be delivered to their devices.

It did take quite a lot of time for that to happen but users who updated are more than happy to make the choice.

The Marshmallow Update

Users who have updated to Marshmallow have been quite happy with their choice so far as Android Marshmallow came with quite a few quality-of-life changes along with the various back-end updates which most users don’t notice.

Marshmallow is fresh and so-far, much safer as far as security is concerned when compared with previous Android versions, a much requested feature, the ability to block specific app permissions has finally come to Android, even though this service was accessible by users who’ve tinkered with their phones and unlocked all of Android’s capabilities by rooting their phones, it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Being able to disallow an application from accessing your location gives you that little peace of mind which you’ve been looking for, just relax without any worries about your privacy being exploited by an application you don’t know much about, just disallow it from accessing the data you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Then there’s the system-level fingerprint support which is fully secure and much safer than previous ones (which were basically add-on fingerprint scanners, now it’s part of Android), we can surely expect more devices to make use of the fingerprint scanner in the future, it’s become a part of Google Play to authenticate purchases if you don’t wish to type your password.

Then there’s the compulsory phone encryption for devices which can handle it along with monthly security patches, combined with a boot-up check to ensure that your operating system isn’t altered, it’s obvious what Google’s aims are for the future of Android.

Ease of Access

All of these things combined might be enough back-end changes which people probably won’t notice for quite a while, as for what changes your everyday Android experience will have, you don’t need to look any further.

Whether it’s the annoying app-link popups which you have to deal with every time you open something new or just a much more user-friendly (as far as wording and language is concerned) sound options, we haven’t even touched the best part of Android Marshmallow yet, Doze.

We won’t go into the details but to put it simply, instead of burning through 20% of your battery overnight, Android will now only go through around 5% of battery, by knowing that you’re not using your phone at specific hours, Android is able to turn off functions which aren’t important for you while you’re sleeping, don’t worry, you’ll still get calls and texts, cellular services are priorities and hence, uninterrupted.