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The Nokia C3 may be an outdated model considering the range of advanced features that the newer Android and iOS devices can provide these days. But if you still have the Nokia C3 in your hands, we couldn’t blame you especially when you’re one of the many real Nokia fans out there.

Released in June 2010, the C3 uses the Nokia’s proprietary S40 software which was launched several years ago. Unfortunately, the device is not compatible with the iOS or the Android system, thus, leading to its demise due to its incapability to cope with modern times. Besides, Nokia has stopped offering the device a long time ago.

What’s even sadder for the C3 owners, most especially to WhatsApp users, is that the messaging software developer has announced that it will drop support to Nokia S40 devices, among other models, by the end of 2016. But that is still far away from now and WhatsApp still have updates for owners of C3, among other S40 units, available at its website ( The app should be directly downloaded to the phone and not on your PC.

If you haven’t used WhatsApp but is planning to, you might wonder if you should install it on your Nokia C3. When you need to connect with friends and relatives using the messaging app while you’re not ready to let go of your old Nokia phone, you can have WhatsApp in your device to test out its features. Who wouldn’t want WhatsApp in their phones anyway considering that it will let you make free video calls and send free text messages to people you know wherever they are in the world!

Well, the quick answer to the question is that while Nokia C3’s 55MB capacity and other features can support the WhatsApp messaging capabilities, you could still have problems especially when you’re more than just a regular user with lots of other apps running in your device. With a 64MB RAM available in the C3, multitasking can barely be supported.

The phone’s pixel screen of 320 x 240 can also be a big trouble because you won’t be seeing the color details, which means that you can’t truly appreciate the pictures that your friends will share through WhatsApp. On a positive note, the C3 has an excellent 2MP camera with 1600 x 1200 pixels, which allows you to send gorgeous photos to your friends. But that’s it.

Should you install and test WhatsApp in your Nokia C3?

Our best bet is that if you’re a Nokia lover, you may want to start getting acquainted with the more modern Nokia models or any of the devices that uses Android or iOS before the end of this year. The earlier you start letting go of your old C3 to be able to use WhatsApp, the easier it is for you to love the newer, more capable devices.