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In today’s rapid world, it pays to be productive. This means that you need to manage your time well and also making sure that your work stays organized. Here are some good Android apps to manage your time well and stay productive.

Kingsoft Office

If you want an application that can not only open Microsoft Office documents but also edit them, then Kingsoft Office is the application for you. It supports 23 different files including all of the major ones that you often use. It supports cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Kingsoft Office is available free of charge.

Astrid Tasks

If you want something that is a combination of task manager, to-do list and personal assistant, then Astrid Task is the application for you. Its main users are those that are already using their mobile devices for their personal tasks. Through Astrid Tasks, you can create reminders, lists, subtasks and more. It also synchronizes via cloud which means that you can easily access an updated list throughout your devices.


Collaboration is something that most people are looking for in a productivity app. Springpad for example, is one of the best at doing that. It allows you to save the things that you do and organize them into “notebooks” on which you can share with anyone that you would want to. Springpad also allows you to save articles, photos, barcodes, voice memos and places. In fact, you can even make your own grocery list amongst any others through the application.

Remember The Milk

Another collaboration application that you can use is Remember the Milk or RTM. It allows you to create tasks and assign them to your team members. Besides that, you can also create due dates, tags and more with the application. It is also a cross-platform application which means that you can access it from just about any devices that is connected on the net.

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