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Updating your phone always leaves you with a bitter-sweet sensation because, although you are immensely excited for the new features and configurations you´re going to get, having to wait for the update to download and install is a real pain. However, the installation´s length can drastically vary depending on the device you´re using. That´s right! You can make this process way faster by acquiring a phone with a faster processor and internet connection.

Hang on! Instead of throwing your phone out of the window, stick around to see if your Android phone is one of those lucky models. Perhaps you change your phone just to end up with a slower connection and a longer installation.

You have to bear in mind that the newer your phone is, the faster the updates will be completed. This means that if you have a really old Android phone, perhaps it is time for you to get a new one. Not only because of the updates, but because newer models have an overall better performance and way more features and configurations. Without further ado, we present to you the Android phones with the fastest update times.

Galaxy S7

If you´re relatively familiar with Samsung phones, then you must know the Galaxy model it their best achievement. So much, most of the smartphones they create have the word “Galaxy” in them.

Their latest Galaxy model is, for many reasons, their best one yet. Not only because the ergonomic and minimalistic design, but because it has one of the fastest processor on the market, the Snapdragon 820.

As you would expect, a phone this effective and innovative must have fast update times. So, if you want a smartphone that takes relatively no time to download and install updates, this is your best choice.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Because this is an improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 there is not much to say about it. All we have to say is that its update time is astonishing. Just like the Galaxy S7, this one should definitely be in your wish list.

Nexus 6P

Perhaps you didn´t know it, but Google phones have always had fast updates. This should be, by no means, a surprise, as their smartphones have always had fast processors and an optimal performance. Of course, the Nexus 6P is no exception. If you like big and effective phones, the Nexus 6P is your best option. All its characteristics and features provide it with amazingly fast updates.

Galaxy Note 5

As we said before, Galaxy phones are absolute beasts, and this one is definitely on exception. In fact, the Galaxy Note 5 can easily compete against the Nexus 6P in the “best big phone” category. Not only does it have a beefy and outstanding processor, but it also has a marvelous display and design. It might be a little pricey, but if you´re looking for fast updates and a great “phablet”, this one´s for you.

BlackBerry Priv

If we have to be completely honest, we didn´t expect to have a BlackBerry model on this list. Nevertheless, here we have the BlackBerry Priv. This one has, without a doubt, the best physical keyboard you will ever see. Furthermore, the processor is astonishing, which makes the updates pretty short and easy to download. If you´re up for something new and uncommon, you should definitely get a BlackBerry.