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While fans of the Grand Theft Auto game franchise speculate about what will be included in the new GTA 5 DLC, some are thinking even further ahead to what Rockstar might be planning for the already anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 game. Although it is rumored that it may not be released until 2019 which seems like a far way away, Rockstar has been promising that they already have some great ideas about what they want to bring to the new game.

First released in 1997 by developers DMA Design, Grand Theft Auto took the gaming world by storm, gaining a lot of attention despite its basic features. By 1999, it had two games with a third in the works, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto Vice City in 2002 that Rockstar really made a name for themselves, seeing overwhelming popularity with the game.

Following Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came two years later, with GTA IV appearing in 2008 and GTA V being released in 2013. GTA V generated over $800 million dollars in revenue which equates to approximately 11 million copies sold. Within days it was the largest seller in the PlayStation store. With the continuing complexity available in gaming and the ever-changing options being added for developers to use to make their games, it has taken larger games like GTA to be made and released. Considering all the trials for bugs that games have to go through, it is no wonder that the current rumor about the GTA 6 release date sits somewhere around late 2018 or early 2019.

An early rumor last year had fans wondering if they would only see the game release as a PlayStation exclusive, where all other games in the past have been multi-platform. While Rockstar has not confirmed or denied this, many fans have been left skeptical that the developers would commit to just one platform.