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As fans await the arrival of a DLC from Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto 5, the rumors on the internet have kicked into high gear around the speculation of what the DLC will include and how it will affect the game.

2016 has just seen its first major update to the game, 1.33, which has brought some new and interesting play to the game, but still any information about the forthcoming DLC remains elusive. The update to the game brought a new mode called Sumo Adversary mode, as well as took care of some bugs and other items that needed to be fixed in the game.

Currently, Rockstar has been holding online events in the game all this week that unlocks discounts and bonuses in game, giving up to double bonuses on activities and missions. Players that want to modify their cars can now do it for up to 75 percent off all options at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

But what rumors have filled the internet regarding the newest Grand Theft Auto DLC?

Imagine the idea of American football in the game, a rumor that has been circulating for some time and has been called “Inch by Inch”. Speculations about this new gameplay mode will be that it will be played on foot while the player holds a package that must be brought to an ‘end zone’ location.

There were also rumors about a casino location being added for the next DLC, however that was recently debunked by fans as fake, leaving people to wonder at what might come as the next DLC while they wait patiently as Rockstar works on Grand Theft Auto 6, which is said to not have a release date until 2019.