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Clash of Clans recently saw a new big update this week known as “The Bowler Update” which has added a wide variety of new features, some new units and enhance some of the previous. While the update had brought plenty of new content to the game, it also created issues in matchmaking and even prevented the game from launching for some players.

The update was supposed to come with improvements to the Clan Wars matchmaking however it seems that this is the complete opposite right now. Players are having issues connecting to their opponents and if it does work then they need to wait for long periods of time for the connection to take affect; some players are reporting it is taking them up to 15 hours to connect to standard games. In addition to this, there seem to be balanced problems from the newly updated matchmaking algorithm where players are being matched based on win-to-loss ratio instead of structures or level.

There have also been other complaints where the in-game Boost Timers did not pause during the maintenance, bugs with the Layout Editor, Incorrect upgrading times and Healing bugs. Players are finding more issues as they play the game but Supercell has promised to fix all issues over the next few days to ensure the game gets back to its usual condition.

Players have a lot of new content to play and look forwards to once the bugs have been sorted out; despite the issues, the content from this update has had a good reaction from the Clash of Clans fanbase.

More unit levels have been added once the players Town Hall reaches the higher levels and a new unit has also been added to the game; the Bowler is unlocked once the Town Hall reaches level 10. There have been a few tweaks made to the Town Hall at the different levels such as reduced Spell brewing times from level 5; Goblin Level 6 was also moved down to Town Hall 9.

Additionally, changes were made to the War aspect of the game; the “War Win Streak” is a new stat that displays how many consecutive wins a Clan has. Players will no longer be able to engage in larger wars however as the 35v35 and 45v45 modes have been removed to increase matchmaking speed for the other war sizes, changes were also made to make the War Events menu and summaries easier to read.

Some other smaller changes were also included to improve the Builder Summary, allow players to see the resources in the loot crate before collecting it, improved visuals for Resource Storages and other minor but useful updates.

Clash of Clans is available for iOS and Android devices as a free to play game. The issues with the update should be patched out very soon.

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