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Windows 8 is trying to compete with the Apple App as it now supports applications. These aren’t like the software you install but rather something that is found on tablets and smartphones instead. Here are some great Windows 8 apps that you should look at.

Groove Music Player

It is certainly a great player on the iOS and is the same with the Windows 8 version as well. It has predictive mixes and automatic tagging for your music collection.  You can also download missing album artwork and artist photos to fill your music collection. Groove Music Player will set you back for just $4.


If you live in the United States, chances are that you will want Netflix on your computer. It supports multi-monitor displays meaning you can stream movies on one monitor and do something else in another. Netflix is available for free and if you feel like it, you can even download the Hulu Plus app as well.

Xbox SmartGlass

You certainly need to download this app if you have an Xbox 360 at home. It allows you to control your Xbox 360 from your computer as well as allow you to browse the web, play video and music and more through your Windows machine. This app is made by Microsoft and is available free of charge for anyone to download.


If you use Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or even Facebook Messenger, then IM+ is sort of a blessing for you. It combines multiple accounts into a single application which means that you can view all of your contacts and chat with them through IM+ only.  IM+ is available for free and supports most major IM services.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a purpose of educating the world for free. This app allows you to view any of the 3,200 teaching videos that it has which covers mathematics, history, finance, economics and many more.