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There are plenty of people that use both Google Chrome and Gmail on a day-to-day basis. Do you know that you can further improve how you use Google Chrome and Gmail with a few Gmail extensions for Chrome? Here are just some great Gmail Extensions for Google Chrome users.

Google Mail Checker/Mail Checker Plus

Google Mail Checker and Mail Checker Plus are two Google Chrome extensions that you can install. Through any of the two extensions, you can get notifications as to how many unread emails you currently have. This means that you do not need to open up an extra Gmail browser open. You can choose any of the two above as both has similar functionalities with each other.

Boomerang for Gmail

Revolutionize the way you send emails through Boomerang for Gmail. It is an extension that enables a new feature on Gmail called Boomerang. You can choose to send emails at a certain date and time. Moreover, there is also an option for you to resend the message if nobody responds to your email. Boomerang for Gmail is definitely a great service. The free version allows you to organize 10 emails per month although the Personal version allows for unlimited emails at a price of $4.99 monthly.


When you install Any.DO on Chrome, you will also enable a feature on Gmail as well. At the bottom of your messages, you will find a task box that allows you to create a task based on a certain email. It is also smart enough to guess what the tasks are and will pre-type the tasks beforehand. If you are already using Any.DO on your mobile devices, it is about time that you use Any.DO on Google Chrome as well. The Gmail feature allows to change any emails into tasks efficiently.