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The latest beta update that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store is 2.12.557 and you can install it without enabling the Unknown Sources option. The file has 27.56 MB in size and brings only bug fixes and performance improvements to the newly added features, but more about them we’ll tell you below.

The previous WhatsApp 2.12.555 beta update weighs 27.44 MB, which means that the developers have added a few files, but in the absence of a change log, we can’t tell you for sure what changes have been made to the application.

All of the new features are firstly added to the Beta version of the application and the users can join WhatsApp’s official beta distribution channel on Google’s Play Store from were they can get automatic updates. If you’re a beta tester, then you know that these updates come with bugs and can be very annoying, but if they’re reported on time, the developers are able to fix them until a new beta update is launched. In order to gain access to the beta distribution channel on the Play Store, all you need to do is click the “Become a Tester” button, then download the update.

The latest important features that have been added to WhatsApp are: the possibility to send PDFs to other contacts and to share files from the Cloud; the option to edit videos with basic video editing features, including trimming the video before being shared. The application has now a “pinch to zoom” mechanism that can be used in photos as well, and the other option will allow you to open a video in a pop-out floating window.

Photos can be now shared from Cloud Drives, but you will need to install the cloud drive’s app on your device. Another change in WhatsApp will help you to easily find links, documents, videos and photos, as the application will auto-sort them. The developers have introduced three tabs for Media, Documents, and Links and they contain all the items that have been shared in a specific chat, and which are relevant to your search. Starred Messages are a slightly older addition, but now, you can choose which starred message you want to keep, while clearing the chat.