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Apple has just released the much-awaited iOS 9.3 this week. It was welcomed with open arms by many iOS device owners, but it has also caused lots of people to wonder: “When will we see an iOS jailbreak?”

The answer seems to be “Very soon”. This comes from the fact that several jailbreaking teams are already giving hints that they have come up jailbreaking tools for the latest iOS version. TaiG9, for instance, has a beta version for their iOS 9.3 jailbreak, while Pangu offers the Semi Jailbreak, which they admit doesn’t provide full jailbreak capabilities.

Despite these announcements, it’s still not clear exactly when the full and final versions of these jailbreaking tools would be released to the public. Both TaiG9 and Pangu haven’t announced an exact release date for their tools.

In a recent article in Forbes, Antony Leather points out it may take some time for these jailbreaking tools to be released. Jailbreaking teams may still be testing the waters to check if iOS 9.3 has any bugs. After all, if they release their jailbreak tools now, and it turns out that the new OS version does have bugs, Apple will surely roll out an update that would fix these issues. This, in turn, will render their jailbreak tools useless in the process and cause their hard work to be in vain. With this in mind, it’s fair to assume that it would take hacking teams at least a couple of weeks to test iOS 9.3 and that we’ll hopefully see a jailbreak tool for it in a week or two.

It’s also possible that it would take jailbreaking teams more than a fortnight to release their tools. Apple may have made iOS 9.3 to be virtually impenetrable or at least difficult to crack, which means that hacking teams need a lot of time to find possible exploits and finalize their jailbreaking tools. However, iOS users don’t have to worry since many individual hackers have already shown that they were able to jailbreak iOS 9.3, proving that it could be done. Unfortunately, they didn’t release any public tools for it, forcing iOS users to wait until Pangu, TaiG9, and other jailbreaking teams roll out their tools.

It’s important to note that, while jailbreaking can give you more control over your device, it can also expose it to a wide range of security threats. So, if you’re satisfied with how your iPhone or iPad works and don’t see customization as a priority, it’s better to stick with Apple’s native OS.