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Having issues with any new version of iOS has become a common complaint. As iOS 9.3 has been released and updated in iPads and iPhone everywhere, the updating has come up with the issues as well.

The initial issues came up within the iPad 2 that was taking very long to update. In the iOS supported list, the Apple has the name of iPad 2 present, which means that iOS 9.3 must get installed without any issues. Here, the case is not that simple and straight forward.

According to the upcoming reports, the iPad 2 is installing the iOS 9.3, but getting hanged in the middle of the installation. It shows that these devices cannot lift this iOS 9.3 and left in the middle of nowhere. This is something that Apple owners never want to face.

At the beginning, it was also under discussion that this issue is occurring mainly because the servers are overcrowded with the rapid installation around the globe, but still after that, the iPad 2 is failing to update the iOS 9.3.

Anyone who is facing the same issues, are required to contact the Apple Support to get it solved by installing the iOS from scratch. If you want to solve this issue yourself, then you need to follow the following steps by wiping your iPad out. Therefore, you have to make sure that all the data has been backed up.

With this process, the iPad 2 will be pushed out to the DFU and the whole iOS 9.3 will be installed. You have to find the IPSW file for your iOS 9.3 first. After that, connect your iPad with the laptop or computer and open the iTunes. You have to restart your iPhone now so hold your Power button and Hold button for ten seconds. After the completion of ten seconds, you have to hold the Home button, but release the Power button so that you will see your iPad getting into the recovery manner.

After getting done with this recovery thing, you have to press Option or Alt key on your Mac or if you are on Windows, then you have to hold the Shift key and from the iTunes, choose the Restore key. Right after that, launch that IPSW file and now wait patiently for the iTunes to go through the restoration procedure.

After all of this process, there are likely chances that your iPad will run the iOS 9.3 without any issue.