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The Pokémon Company and Niantic were finally ready to talk about the Pokémon Go. Until now, the two companies didn’t reveal anything about this upcoming game, but according to a leaked video from SXSW, it was divulged some information about how the game will actually work.

As you will walk around with your smartphone, you will notice that it will occasionally vibrate. This will indicate that a Pokémon is nearby and you have a chance to catch it. By tapping on the screen, you will throw a Poké Ball, which can be obtained from the PokéStop (according to the two companies, these stores will be located at “interesting places” such as monuments, museums and more).

At the same time, some Pokémons will be found only near in natural habitats. With other words, if you want to catch Squirtle, you will find it somewhere near a river, ocean or lake.

As you play the game, your trainer level will go up, which means that you will be able to catch new Pokémons and get access to better Poké Balls from the PokéStop. In addition, if you will catch a Pokémon multiple times, you will be able to evolve it by using its duplicates.

Unfortunately, it’s not sure yet how the traditional battle system will work, but Niantic said that it will be have a competitive element which will be similar to Ingress (its previous location-based smartphone game).

Nintendo will release the Pokémon Go Plus, a wearable device, which will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it will notify you whenever a Pokémon is around by vibrating and using an LED light.

The Pokémon Go is expected to be released this year, but it’s not sure yet when this will actually happen. However, a testing program has already started for this game in Japan and if everything goes well, we might see this game being released sometime in the near future.