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Each new Pokémon generation adds new Pokémon to the ever-growing list. This certainly makes it more difficult to “catch ‘em all,” although the games usually give you both a smaller, regional Pokédex alongside the complete Pokédex for all Pokémon. Nevertheless, many players still step up to the challenge, especially since Pokémon can be transferred from previous games.

Just how many Pokémon are there now? Well, the series began with 151 Pokémon.

Generation 2 added 100 more.

The third generation upped it by 135.

The fourth added 107.

Generation 5 (in part of its attempt to create a fresh starting point for new players) added a full Pokédex of 156 new Pokémon.

Finally, the most recent generation stepped down a bit and only added 72.

That’s right, if you want to catch all the Pokémon, the total count is now up to 721. That’s an impressive number. It’s also intimidating for completionists, particularly series newcomers, although the regional Pokédex does mitigate it somewhat. As you might imagine, the fanbase is pretty well divided on how many more should be added.

Some have had enough. They lost track of the different Pokémon long ago, dislike the newer generations’ designs, and would be perfectly content if Sun and Moon added few or none.

Other fans love new Pokémon. They are hoping for around 100 more added in Sun and Moon, although a couple ambitious fans have expressed hopes for even more than the norm—as many new Pokémon as possible!

Where do you stand on the issue? Is 721 Pokémon enough for you, and you’d like the series to settle down and stick with the old designs? Or will it delight you to see that number climb higher and higher?

Or are you someone who doesn’t really care much one way or another, because you rarely complete your Pokédex and will likely capture a small fraction of the total in Sun and Moon whether they’re old or new?

Let us know in the comments how many new Pokémon you want added in Pokémon Sun and Moon. And don’t forget, if you picked up the original Pokémon games on the Virtual Console, you’ll be able to use Pokémon Bank to transfer Pokémon from those games to Sun and Moon once they’re available.