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UC Browser has made a name for itself as one of the best mobile browsers. Now, users can expect more from it since UC Browser is planning to release an update that will lead to faster speed and better features.

An update for Android devices, in fact, has just been released this month. This update contains the proprietary U3 kernel technology, which makes the browser faster and more stable. It stores the pages that users have recently browsed through and allows them to switch between their recently visited pages without having to reload them. This means that Android users can zip back and forth between webpages in seconds and save a substantial amount of time when searching the web.

One of the best parts about the new UC Browser Android update is its battery saving features. Browsing through the web can eat up a large amount of battery life, particularly when people visit pages that contain lots of images, videos, and ads or when they surf the net for hours. This is no longer the case with the updated UC Browser. It’s specially designed to consume less battery, allowing people to use search engines and browse through websites without worrying about their phone’s battery life.

The new UC Browser Android update also has the ability to preview documents in .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, and other kinds of formats. This is great for people who work on the road and need to work office-related projects while they’re on the bus or at the airport. The update also comes with the Speed Mode, which compresses webpages and promotes faster browsing with low data consumption.

Aside from the Android update, UC Browser is set to release an update for Windows Phone devices. This coincides with the recent release of Windows 10 Mobile, which has been made available to users just last week and has been eagerly welcomed by Windows Phone users. When its Windows update rolls around, UC Browser is expected to make Bing its default homepage and search engine and take advantage of the search power that Bing offers. It’s also said to pave the way to faster downloads and give users a smoother and sleeker browsing experience. This comes from the fact that UC Browser developers have fixed the bugs that have plagued the order version and caused it to lag or hang when streaming videos.

The UC Browser update for Windows phones is set to be released sometime this week.