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Just like any other major update, Marshmallow comes with quite a lot of features but all of these fancy and useful features don’t come alone, they’re bundled up with the various bugs and glitches that went through the testing phases undetected, whether it’s the famous draining battery or just the usual connectivity issues, fear not, we can think of quite a few solutions for all of them.

Battery Draining after Marshmallow update

Many users are reporting that their battery life has gone way down as opposed to going up after the Marshmallow update, we all know that the Marshmallow update came with the new Doze feature, which allows your device to turn off non essential and non priority applications & services, saving processing power and ultimately, battery power.

Users however have complained that their Marshmallow devices are running through their batteries like nothing else, upon inspection, many of these users have reported that in the battery usage section of their phone’s settings, they’ve noticed that WiFi is using quite a lot of battery, regardless of time.

A leads to B and it’s most probably WiFi scanning that’s causing this, when the phone periodically looks around itself for open WiFi connections to connect to, you can simply turn off WiFi scanning through Settings > Location > Scanning.

If this doesn’t fix your issue then you can simply make use of the Network Settings Reset option in Marshmallow, found under Backup and Reset in your phone’s settings menu.

But if WiFi isn’t the issue then you’re going to have much better luck doing a factory reset, it’s always recommended to do a factory reset right after a major OS update.

Any other network related issue

Whether it’s just your WiFi not working or refusing to connect, you can make use of the two different things before you finally have to factory reset your phone.

Firstly, just toggle Airplane mode on and off or restart your phone, you’d be surprised how much of a difference turning electronics off and on again can do, secondly however, it’s advised that you use the new Network Settings Reset options that have been made available to you in the recent updates.

Marshmallow crashing, stability and performance

If you have a problem with either of the above then you should simply boot your phone into safe mode, you can do so by long-pressing the Power Off button which appears when you turn off your phone or wish restart it, from there on, if everything’s working properly then the issue’s with one of your installed applications.

Keep in mind that it’s always recommended to do a factory reset right after a major update like Marshmallow! From there onward, you can simply reinstall your applications one by one until the problem starts happening again, it’ll take developers some time to release updates for their applications so it’s not a bad idea to wait a week or two before you update your phone to Marshmallow.