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Supercell has released a card game named Clash Royale, which is quite similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone game. The card game has been released globally back in January 2016 and since then, the developers have released some new patches for it.

The new patch comes with some balance changes, and we’re going to tell you more about them below:

X-Bow Range Has Been Decreased

One of the most popular cards in Clash Royale is “X-Bow”, mostly because it comes with a big range. In fact, it can be used to destroy towers from your side of the river, which is pretty good. Unfortunately, the X-Bow has got its range reduced, in order to keep it from being so powerful.

Tesla’s Attack Speed Has Been Decreased

It seems that the developers felt that the Tesla card was hitting too fast and it will not last as long as before.

Giants Received a Damage Buff

Giants come with huge hp, but it seems that they didn’t have enough damage. This is the reason why the developers have boosted the Giants and Royal Giants damage by 5% and 20%.

Slower Princes

The Prince and the Dark Prince are two of the hardest cards to counter in Clash Royale. These cards come with huge power, but also a charging speed which makes them hard to react. Well, these two cards got nerfed, as their charge speed has been reduced by 13%.

Unit Buffs

Cards such as Archers, Valkyrie, Balloon, Archers and Witch have received small tweaks in order to make them a little more useful and powerful, which should make some players to incorporate them into their decks.

Princess Gets Destroyed By Arrows

The new update tweaks the Princess’s hitpoints and, from now on, she can be taken out by Arrows. This means that the players will rely less on the Princess.

What are your thoughts about this update that was just released for Clash Royale game?