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When it comes to making smartphones which don’t only feel good in your hands but are also excellent at performing all of their functions, as advertised, there’s no manufacturer out there who can do it better than Apple, whether it’s their image capturing capability which has been staying toe-to-toe with all the other flagships out there or just the software backbone which iOS provides, when it comes to optimization, standards and luxury, there’s only a few compelling arguments which can be made against Apple’s iPhone.

As for which iPhone to pick up, if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should pick up the freshly released iPhone SE as an upgrade for owners of the iPhone 5S or maybe you’re just curious between the choices of an iPhone SE and an iPhone 6S, hold on tight and let us lay it all out for you.

iPhone 5S

There’s not much new about the iPhone 5S, it’s a relatively outdated Phone with a much smaller body compared to the latest flagships, most of its users who haven’t upgraded have done so purely because of the fact that the iPhone 5S is much easier to hold and use compared to its successors.

On the hardware side of things, The iPhone 5S uses Apple’s old A7 chip, 1 GB of RAM and a much outdated camera and internal graphics capabilities, limiting the phone in more ways than one as far as performance is concerned.

iPhone SE

Apple has released the iPhone SE as a possible upgrade for owners of the iPhone 5S who have kept the much older phone for is aesthetics and feel, the iPhone SE is pretty much identical to the 5S as far as its design and feel is concerned, this is intentional though because this similarity to the iPhone 5S is a key interest of Apple’s target audience for the iPhone SE.

As for hardware, the camera has been powered up to 12 mega-pixels, similar to that of the iPhone 6S, Apple’s A9 chip and 2 GB of RAM is being used as opposed to the A7 which was used in iPhone 5S, this allows the phone to do much more tasks such as high speed video capture (up to 240 fps), allowing users to slow down their footage without losing image quality.
In all honesty, the iPhone SE is a significant upgrade to the iPhone 5S if you’re much more comfortable with phones that are smaller and easier to handle than the latest flagships.

iPhone 6S

And then there’s the iPhone 6S, much larger than the iPhone 5S and loved by quite a few people out there, whether it’s the 3D-Touch that you’re interested in or just the larger size, the iPhone 6S pretty much has everything in its pockets.

Then there’s the obvious question, should you buy the iPhone 6S or the iPhone SE? Well, they’re both pretty much identical as far as hardware and performance is concerned, apart from the much weaker front camera on the iPhone SE (1.2 mega-pixels, similar to that of the iPhone 5S), it’s all about what size you want your phone to be.

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