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Android users are eagerly looking forward to the time when they can download the new Android Marshmallow update, and LG smartphone users are no exception. Fortunately, it seems that the wait will soon be over for them since several carriers are set to release the update to LG phones.

One of these carriers is Telus. The Canadian company had previously said that the LG G3 won’t be one of the devices that would receive the Android Marshmallow update, but it seems it has changed its mind. Some media outlets have reported that Telus will release the Android Marshmallow for the LG G3 on March 29, delighting users who have been eagerly waiting for the update.

However, it’s important that this date isn’t set its stone, considering the fact that Telus has been hesitant to roll out this update in the first place. The March 29 release might still be moved to a later date; if this happens, Canadian LG G3 users will have no choice but to wait.

Aside from the LG G3, some people are hoping that the Marshmallow update will be available for the LG G2 as well. Not everyone expects this to happen, though, since the G2 is already several years old. However, Autoomobile points out that a G2 running on Marshmallow has been benchmarked, showing that the phone is powerful enough to handle the modern OS update. If the LG G2 would receive a Marshmallow update, it would definitely be appreciated by users since it would give the phone’s performance a serious boost.

For those who can’t wait for the update and are willing to fork out the cash for a new phone, they can opt to buy the LG G5, which comes with Android Marshmallow pre-installed in it. It’s not yet available — it’s set to be released in April — but it’s worth the wait since users know that they’ll automatically enjoy the features that Marshmallow brings when they purchase the G5.

Android Marshmallow has been one of the most eagerly awaited upgrades because it brings several exciting features and changes. Voice search is given a new look and becomes a more integral part of the OS, and new emojis are added (including long-awaited ones like the unicorn and taco). The update comes with Google Now on Tap, which scans the content of your screen and provides information that may be relevant to what you’re reading. Many tech experts are saying that Now on Tap will revolutionize the way people use their phones since it promotes instant access to information and helps them save time.