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The Windows 10 Mobile users will be happy to hear that Microsoft has updated the Camera and Photos (from 16.201.16372 to 16.317.14282) apps, and, from now on, when viewing a photo, the users will be able to print the image by clicking on the ellipsis menu (…). Below, we’ll tell you more about the changes that the update comes with.

In order to understand how a photo from a Windows 10 Mobile phone can be printed, you will need to make sure that your printer can connect via WiFi, to any device in your house. Usually, people print documents from their computers, but the new update that was released for the Camera and Photos apps will allow you to print an image directly from your phone running on Windows 10 Mobile OS. The photo can be printed in landscape or portrait mode, and you will be able to choose the Orientation under the print heading, where you will also select its size (Letter, Tabloid, Legal, Statement) and the photo will be used as a Living Image picture if motion will be detected during its capture.

This feature is similar to Apple’s Live Photos, which records a 3-second video formed from a 1.5 second video after taking the picture and a 1.5 second video after the shot is taken. Microsoft has copied the idea and it will allow you to view a Living Image picture when it’s loaded on the screen, but it can be also set as a still picture.

The changelog for the new update for the Camera app contains only bug fixes and performance improvements, but nothing else. And the users are disappointed because the Rich Capture HDR option was added and they can’t shoot in panorama view either. These options have been introduced in Android a while ago, making the Windows Phone users envious. Hopefully, these features will be added to the camera app in the near future.