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The developers of WhatsApp have added end-to-end encryption in order to protect messages and according to reports, this security feature will be expanded to group chats and voice calls and the users will know that the messages are encrypted by enabling the “Show security indicators” option. Also, soon, WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook and this hidden option was found by developer Javier Santos in a beta update released toward the end of January.

Javier Santos is a Spanish developer who created a Beta Updater for WhatsApp and while he was using some terminal commands, he discovered the option to share data with Facebook, but this was a hidden feature. According to him, WhatsApp 3.0 will bring a security indicator and by activating it, the application will show a lock icon to the encrypted conversations. This will inform the users that their messages are protected and they will no longer want to migrate to other applications such as Telegram and Cryptochat, which offer end-to-end encryption.

Google has added a red unlock icon which informs the Gmail users that the messages they’ve received could be insecure, because the sender didn’t have efficient security features. However, this email service allows the users to encrypt their emails, by entering the Secure mode and adding a password to the message that will be opened by the recipient using the same password.

The second addition to WhatsApp will be the deeper integration with Facebook. The users will see a new section called “Share my account info”, which will send data to Facebook’s servers.

The latest 2.12.338 beta update for Windows Phone brought another new feature, which is the video download progress bar that shows the percentage of the video that is being downloaded. Until now, the users were seeing only some dots revolving, without knowing how much they need to wait until the download completes. The version for Android just received the 2.12.555 beta update, but it doesn’t come with new features.