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There were some rumors saying that The Sims 4 will get a game pack in March, and in February, Sims Community Manager had to reject the false rumor about the restaurant-themed DLC. According to the SimGuruDrake, the developers are working on an update, but he wrote in the Sims forum that “There will not be a pack this month”.

When SimGuruNinja and a Simmer had a short discussion on Twitter about a possible game pack for The Sims 4, the producer used these generic words: “hungry,” “serve up,” and “fresh info.” These key-words made the Sim fans think that the developers are working on a restaurant-themed game pack and in short time, the internet was full of this rumor. Unfortunately, this false rumor has been debunked, but that doesn’t mean that the game won’t receive a new DLC.

The gamers were disappointed because The Sims 4 lacks toddlers, but Maxis and The Sims Studio will finally bring them, and they will be based on fans’ requests. At this point, the list of social activities includes going on dates to clubs, cafes and bars, which have limited dining options and a restaurant pack would please the gamers who’d like to see their Sims having dinner in an affordable or luxurious place. The Sims could order food from a menu and while they’re waiting to be served, they could make marriage proposals or cuddle in a corner with their partners. The Sims could also open their own restaurant, thanks to the Get To Work expansion pack.

Back in 2015, EA had seven potential ideas for a Sims Expansion Pack and conducted a survey, while one of the proposals was called “Town Life” and it included the possibility to have dinner at a restaurant and to buy fresh food from the markets. This expansion pack would be in advantage of the farmers, because they would organize community events, and a restaurant would be a source of income for a Sim running a business.

There are low chances for restaurant game pack to be released in April, but the developers might fulfill the gamers’ dream in the near future.

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