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Facebook owns both of the applications and recently, the company has announced that WhatsApp will no longer release updates for some of the platforms that have fewer users, and BlackBerry OS was on the black list. Like this bad news wasn’t enough for the BlackBerry 10 users, it seems that by the end of 2016, the support for the popular Facebook Messenger app will be dropped as well.

The owners of the Blackberry Priv smartphone, which runs on Android, will not be affected by this decision, but those who have a device running on BlackBerry 10 OS are heart-broken and feel betrayed by Facebook, who decided to no longer release updates for the two applications: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The giant company owned by Mark Zuckerberg has big plans with the Facebook Messenger application, but BlackBerry 10 and other less used mobile platforms (Symbian S60, S40 and very old versions of Android) don’t offer the kind of capabilities that the developers need in order to expand the application’s features.

After hearing this news, a spokesperson for BlackBerry has posted on the Canadian company’s official blog that “We are extremely disappointed in their decision as we know so many users love these apps. We fought back to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to change their minds, but at this time, their decision stands.”

The three major mobile platforms that have the most WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users are Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and this is the reason why the developers will be focusing on improving the versions of the two applications for these operating systems. However, the BlackBerry 10 users will continue to send friend requests and post pictures on Facebook Messenger, or chat with their friends on WhatsApp, but they won’t enjoy the same experience as the users who will continue to receive new updates.

As a reminder, the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android is 2.12.551 and it allows the users to format text as bold and italic, while the latest update for iOS is 2.12.16 and it comes with the option to store incoming media from a person or a specific group.

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